Insurance: Every shipment is automatically insured for damage or replacement for $100. Additional insurance may be purchased at the rate of $1.50 per $100 of additional coverage, up to a maximum of $500 coverage per shipment.

Wait Time: The time the delivery person must wait, after arriving at an agreed upon time, for a shipment to be prepared by a sender for transport. A courtesy wait of 10 minutes is provided at no additional charge.

Fuel Surcharge: Due the constant variation in the price of fuel, a temporary fuel surcharge is currently in place. A 3% fuel surcharge is currently being charged by HB Express for all services provided.

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About HB Express

HB Express Transportation, LLC is a Northern California based distribution and expedited delivery service, providing both 'On-Call' and 'Pre-Scheduled' courier, messenger and trucking services.

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HB Express is simply the best in the biz!
David Naves, Auburn, CA