Local and regional delivery throughout Northern California

HB Express, Home and Business Delivery Services,  specializes in same day and scheduled, secure delivery of time sensitive products for customers requiring professional, insured distribution services.

HB maintains warehouses in Sacramento, San Jose and the SF/Oakland bay area.  Our delivery capabilities  allow our customers to outsource their local and regional deliveries from their distribution centers anywhere in the Northern California, while still maintaining the highest levels of service, control and professionalism.

How to keep your supply chain moving during your ‘busy season’.

Warehouse and Distribution Managers know, different seasons affect the demand for different products.  While florists see their best days on holidays, automotive and truck parts deliveries boom in the summer months especially, due to the wear and tear caused by heat and the increased driving in the summer months.

Companies who require same day, local and regional deliveries must ramp up their delivery personnel in their ‘busy season’, and make a capital investment in additional delivery vehicles.

Driver and vehicle outsourcing,  is an option increasingly utilized to achieve the required result at the lowest possible price.  Outsourcing allows companies the flexibility to increase or decrease their delivery capability with no capital investment whatsoever.

With the increases in vehicle license fees, taxes and insurances, outsourcing deliveries to a professional driver outsourcing company can make alot of business sense.

Driver outsourcing saves companies time and money

In  these challenging and competitive economic times, profit seeking  companies are turning to ‘driver and vehicle outsourcing” companies for their local and regional delivery needs.

By local and regional delivery driver slots, companies are able to concentrate on their core business while saving money on the bottom line.

HB Express provides drivers for seasonal business increases, driver vacations, driver no-shows, break-downs and fleet supplementation.

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About HB Express

HB Express Transportation, LLC is a Northern California based distribution and expedited delivery service, providing both 'On-Call' and 'Pre-Scheduled' courier, messenger and trucking services.

What People Are Saying

One call to HB Express and I received three great quotes on our courier and delivery needs. It was a pleasure doing business with HB.
Steve Lucas, San Rafael