California courier companies provide valuable services

Whether it’s an important shipment  across town or across the state, local and regional courier companies in California and the western states, offer the best value for commercial shippers.

Some of the important services that Courier companies provide the  include:

  • Shipments consisting of Less than a Truckload (LTL) , that must be delivered overnight within or between Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, the San Jose area, the Central Valley and the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas.
  • Scheduled pickup and delivery from a company’s distribution facility or accounting office , or to and from their branches or stores
  • ‘Direct to Consumer’ deliveries from distribution centers, big box retailers or manufacturers
  • Food and Beverage delivery
  • Replacement and repair part pickup and delivery
  • Scheduled same day pickup and delivery
  • Local and regional medical shipments
  • Home pharmacy delivery
  • Overnight pouch service

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Is scheduled overnight courier service right for you?

One of the valuable services courier companies  provide their customers , is scheduled overnight courier service between company locations, branches, warehouses and to and from their corporate or main office.  Low rates, very late  pickup times with very early delivery times are characteristics of scheduled overnight courier service.

To increase efficiency, couriers will provide  lock boxes to their customers or acquire keyed access at the company’s pickup and/or designated pickup/delivery area.

The service works like this.  An ‘on route’ courier will pick up at a company’s corporate office, work going to each of a company’s branch locations, in California for instance.  If a company has say, six locations throughout the state, a typical main office outgoing shipment might consist of one courier pouch and a box or two going to each of the six company branches or stores, nightly, five days per week.

The work then goes back to the courier’s regional or local warehouse for sorting and routing.

Shipment from a main office, destined for branches or stores  in the same regional area of the state as the main office, can be ‘night exchanged’ by the courier company.  That means a courier will arrive at night, and utilizing a lock box or keyed access, deliver a shipment and pickup the outgoing shipment.  This allows the courier company to perform both the pickup and delivery in the same stop, hence the lower monthly rates.

All work picked up at company’s branches or stores is then returned to the main office the following business morning.

Rates for this type of service can be as low as $85 per month per location for night exchanges; and $150 per month for a main office pickup and delivery.  A company can receive overnight service between a main office and six stores or branches for anywhere from $660 to 860 per month, plus any current fuel surcharges (should not be more than 10% at this time).

A main office and six branches, shipping 5 days per week to and from the main office, will ship 258 shipments per month.  The equates to between $2.80  and $4.00 per shipment.  Considering each shipment can weigh up to 20 lbs. with no additional charges, this is one of the best kept secrets of the courier world.

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