What is courier pouch service and would it help our company?

Courier pouch service can mean different things.  To diplomatic couriers, it means carrying protected information by courier, from one government entity to another.  The military also uses this couriers to get information to it’s destination without the possibility of it being hacked.

In the courier industry, it typically refers to overnight delivery service, picking up and delivering locking, zippered pouches between a headquarters and it’s branches, warehouse, stores, etc.

Before the advent of the internet, this type of service was very popular. Check processors and retailers needed checks to be delivered to the Federal Reserves for one.  Medical records, company work flow documents and pretty much any paper based reports that needed to be sent from one entity to another had to travel by courier or the USPS.

Nowadays, most paper based reports and sent on the internet.  But still, to eliminate the threat of hacking, to save time scanning documents, and to insure originally signed documents are received intact, many companies still use a courier pouch  delivery service.

If you would like more information on secure and reliable courier services, contact HB Express Transportation, a California based 3PL that specializes in courier pouch service.

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