Outsourcing delivery drivers saves money and headaches

Historically companies  deliver their products and goods to their customers locally and regionally, utilizing their company-owned vehicles and hired drivers.  This often means that in addition to running their ‘core business’, (auto parts sales, pharmacies, flower shops, computer parts sales, office supplies, etc.), they are also running a distribution network.

Along with running a distribution network come the challenges and issues that all delivery companies face.  Hiring drivers, training, supervising an additional workforce, workers compensation and insurance costs.  And these are just in the human resources spectrum.  Owning and operating a fleet of vehicles from two to two hundred brings it’s own challenges, unforeseen costs and liabilities.

Outsourcing delivery drivers and vehicles to driver staffing companies is becoming a more and more popular option as companies today have to watch every budget dollar while still staying ahead of their competition.

HB Express specializes i providing companies with solutions to their delivery requirements.  Whether it’s one delivery driver with a pickup truck or van, to a fleet of bobtail trucks with trained, professional drivers.  Driver and vehicle outsourcing and also driver and warehouse staffing is an effective strategy for companies to reduce their costs and take advantage of all of the benefits an outsourcing company provides.  HB Express provides driver staffing, temporary and full time drivers in all metropolitan areas including San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Jose.

No more maintenance costs, breakdowns and driver no-shows become a thing of the past.  Experienced driver staffing companies like HB Express provide trained drivers in the required type delivery vehicle, backup vehicles, wear and promote your logo on delivery vehicles, not to mention offer hiring and staffing flexibility and reducing insurance liability..

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