How to get a courier quote in California

Getting a courier quote for either a single shipment or a more detailed quote  requiring multiple deliveries going to multiple locations throughout California, Arizona, Nevada or the northwest states geographic area can be a daunting task.  Where do you start?

For infrequent shippers or shippers who need national or international delivery coverage, the easiest options might be  the national carriers, UPS, FEDEX, USPS.  For simplicity and reliability these carriers usually work just fine.  You can drop off your package or request a pickup.  FEDEX is usually the most expensive, UPS in the middle, and the Post Office the least expensive, depending on your service requirements, transit, time, insurance, etc.  You’ll pay premium rates, especially for overnight service.  Also, the big carriers have instituted high fuel surcharges on all shipments

Some private companies have developed web-based courier companies.  You can input the information regarding your shipment or shipments and they will get bids from hundreds of companies for you to review.  You still have to figure out which companies are reliable, which ones are giving realistic quotes and what kind of standards the company utilizes for tracking, background checks on drivers, driver vehicles, liability and insurance issues to name just a few concerns.  Another major concern, privacy,  the amount of information you are going to have to submit regarding you and your company in order to obtain a quote.

As a ‘non-asset based’ courier agent, HB Express can give you a personalized quote by phone or email.  We represent five of the largest, most experienced and reliable courier and express freight companies in California.  We are not limited in the number of vehicles, drivers or routes for your shipment.  You will be afforded complete confidentiality and urgency for your quote request.

We cover a service area including California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon & /Washington.  HB Express specializes in overnight courier service, same day dedicated routes and express freight shipments.

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